Welcome to the Sixth Form / A-Level pages of Bloomsbury International School Hatyai’s website. I hope you enjoy reading and navigating these and that they provide you with as much information as you need. If they don’t, please feel free to contact me with any specific queries you have or to make an appointment for a visit to the school. It’s always a pleasure to meet students considering enrolling for Sixth Form studies and their parents, and it’s often easier to ask questions or raise specific concerns at such meetings in person.

While the Sixth Form constitutes an important component of Bloomsbury International School Hatyai’s provision, it also enjoys a certain autonomy. Sixth Form students are treated as young adults rather than as conventional school pupils. This status entitles them to various freedoms, rights and privileges of which these website pages provide further details. In return, they are expected to assume and exercise various responsibilities and to act as senior members of the school community, as prefects and as role models for younger students.

Sixth Formers at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai follow GCE AS and A Level courses. These are the highest pre-university qualifications offered by the National Curriculum of England, which the school’s examining body, Cambridge International Examinations (‘CIE’), has adapted so their contents and academic style are suitable for international students in Thailand and elsewhere. But while preparing for AS and A Level examinations is our students’ primary focus, we believe a successful Sixth Form contains other important elements too. These include providing information, advice and guidance over further advancement to university studies and to professional or vocational training and thence to the world of work and careers. We also see membership of our Sixth Form as a vital stage in progressing to maturity in terms of personal development. All these facets are fully catered for in the various services, facilities and other forms of support Sixth Formers at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai receive.

We thus assist our Sixth Form students not simply in excelling academically but also in learning how to make effective use of personal independence and thus in rising to and successfully meeting the challenges and opportunities offered by global citizenship in the twenty first century. All AS and A Level teachers and I are fully committed to ensuring that the Sixth Form experience at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai is an enjoyable, satisfying, beneficial and rewarding one for all concerned.