FIRST PRIMARY ASSEMBLY (26th February 2018)

In this morning’s First Primary Assembly, the winner of Best Photograph in the Inter House Photography Competition was awarded to Ic in Year 5 for his photograph of a green apple being dropped into water titled Destroy the Darkness. Ic was awarded a certificate and a selfie stick/tripod for his photographic skills.

We also celebrated the success of our Primary football team, who played a football match against Southern International School on Friday and won 4-0. We are very proud of the boys for playing so well and brilliantly as a team.

Stars of the Week were awarded to a member of each year group as nominated by the class teachers. The winners were, Wangsing for Pre Primary, Thee for Year 1B, Oliver for Year 1W, ChaCha for Year 2, Olivia for Year 3, Stefanie for Year 4, Nisha in Year 5 and Sugata in Year 6. Well done for all the students that received a certificate this morning for all their hard work.