Before Covid, the growth in the number of families choosing international education was growing at over 10% per year, and now that the worst of the pandemic is behind us, that trend is picking up again. (Source: ICEF)

Why is it proving so popular?

There are five main reasons

The Global Language
English is the main international language of education, science, technology, and business. Ambitious families want to equip their children with the language skills to succeed in these fields.
The world has got a lot smaller. Travelling to learn, to work, and to have fun are now possibilities for many more people, and international schools prepare young people for this. They meet with teachers and classmates from around the world, sharing their cultures and opening their minds.
Global Citizens
The problems we face are not confined to one country. If we didn’t know before, the pandemic taught us that. The climate crisis, war, displaced people, discrimination of all kinds, and inequality are just some of the issues we face. They are global issues, and they need global solutions. International schools give children a global mindset. Graduates are well-placed to make positive contributions that shape our common future.
Global Qualifications
The long-established qualifications offered at international schools are welcomed as admission tickets by prestigious universities all over the world. These qualifications are also consistent from place to place and year to year, so international families who have to move between schools can find similar institutions in their different locations.
Global Friendships
The bonds formed between students from different backgrounds at international schools are a joy to witness. They may go their separate ways, but with today’s ease of communication, these friendships are for life. Alumni of international schools don’t need to rely on fake networking events to meet people. They have genuine friends, and they are ready to make more.


Not all international schools are the same. Here are some reasons why choosing Bloomsbury makes sense.

It makes sense to choose an international school that is accredited, where students are safe, successful, and happy, and one that provides great value. If you need boarding accommodation, check that out too.

Bloomsbury is the only school in Thailand south of Phuket to have the highly prestigious full accreditation from (not merely membership of) the Council of International Schools. CIS is a very demanding organisation that, rightly, sets high standards for its members. CIS accreditation is the quality mark to look for. Find out more here.
Safeguarding and child protection are every parent’s first concern, and Bloomsbury takes its responsibilities very seriously. We use systems drawn from the UK, which is a leading country in this area. We have a qualified Designated Safeguarding Lead and all staff receives annual training in child protection. Our staff is all fully qualified and we undertake rigorous background checks. We have a fully qualified nurse on site and an excellent partnership with a local private hospital. The site is secure with a team of guards always on duty. Fire and lockdown drills are carried out regularly.
Bloomsbury students love their school. We are intentionally small so we can be intentionally caring. All students are known by name and treated as individuals. Behaviour is absolutely excellent and relationships between the children, and between the staff and students are outstanding. On this site, you will hear students talking about their school. They mention great teachers, the three extracurricular activities they take part in each week, the trips they go on, and, not least, the good food.
Bloomsbury follows the English National Curriculum in primary school and its international cousin, the Cambridge Curriculum in secondary, leading to the British qualifications, IGCSE, and A Level. There are no more widely respected qualifications in the world. And Bloomsbury students excel, with A* and A being our modal grades. We care about the progress made by every student. We assess their starting points using independent tests and track their progress carefully toward challenging but achievable targets.
We know that many families make great sacrifices to pay for their children’s education, and we want to provide great value for money. Our tuition fees are much lower than schools with similar teachers, facilities, and resources in Bangkok. Scholarships are sometimes available to students who display excellence in music, sport, academic performance, or the English language. These are agreed upon before a student enrolls. Discounts are also given when parents enroll more than one child.
Bloomsbury has a well-established boarding facility that meets the needs of families who live further away from Hatyai. Students have their own rooms with en suite bathrooms. Our experienced boarding parents are responsible for their well-being and supervise their homework and recreation. Boarders enjoy the trips they make around the region with the staff every Saturday. Trial stays in boarding are available.