Bloomsbury International School Hatyai’s foundations were first laid in mid-2014. At the start of the academic year 2014-15, the school opened its freshly painted doors to a student community made up of 30 – 40 students and 11 teachers across Primary and Secondary. Bloomsbury International School Hatyai is named after a famous district of the U.K.'s capital city noted for the preponderance of academic, medical and book publishing/retailing centres. In July 2015, Bloomsbury International School Hatyai became an official member of the International Schools’ Association of Thailand (ISAT).

The school offers a wide range of facilities for Primary and Secondary students. Adjoining our 60 metre-long corridors on two floors in both the England and Wales buildings, we have 24 classrooms, a Music Room, a Drama Studio, an ICT Suite, a Cooking Room, an Art room, a newly refurbished Science Lab and two libraries. In the 6-storey Scotland building, we have a large Convention Centre where whole school events take place. We also have our boarding house on the 5th floor.

The school’s ethos is to provide students with a rounded, carefully balanced and effective education of the highest standard. It is our mission to prepare tomorrow’s global citizens and leaders with the knowledge, qualifications and qualities they need to face, meet and succeed with the challenges of the future.

Since opening its classroom doors, Bloomsbury has developed into a thriving school community and continues to be this with its growing number of over 25 highly qualified teachers and support staff. As an enthusiastic and dedicated team, they lead and develop our student body, which has tripled in size since the school started and is continuing to grow day by day.

The school has since its inception held a number of memorable events, such as helping the local community by having student volunteers paint communal areas at Ban Thung Lieb School in 2016. In the same year, our IGCSE students visited the UN offices in Bangkok. After a spell of heavy rain and flooding in Songkhla during January 2017, our Year 9 and 10 students provided aid for flood relief victims in Ranot. More recently, the school raised money for Thammasakon School for blind children in Hat Yai and visited the latter to donate money directly.

Over the years we have received a number of special visitors including government officers from the Royal Thai Ministry of Education, the Office of Secretary General to the Private Education Commission (OPEC), Miss Thailand 2016 as part of our Blooms Fest celebrations and British Embassy Bangkok representatives who came to visit in October 2017.

Our plans for Bloomsbury International School Hat Yai in the immediate future are to open our Sixth form and teach A Levels for our students after iGCSEs and to support them on their pathway towards higher education at universities. The school is also working towards CIS (Council of International Schools) accreditation. Once we are fully accredited on the basis of international standards, this will demonstrate that the school is achieving the highest standards of professional performance in international education and that it has a commitment to continuous improvement and best practice.

In the academic year 2016 -2017, our iGCSE students achieved outstanding grades. In particular our Art Department achieved 100% A*-B grades. The students concerned have now gone on to higher education and are studying various courses in Cookery and Design. Our Business and Chinese candidates obtained 100% B grades. In our core subjects, English received 57% A-B grades, Maths 33% A*-C grades and Science 50% A*-C grades. Our Travel and Tourism and Global perspectives candidates achieved 50% A*-C grades. Our results in Thai were 50% B grades. Click here for the complete IGCSE test results.

Once leaving Bloomsbury, 57% of students are on university courses; 14% are completing a gap year while 14% are awaiting confirmation of their course.

The future at Bloomsbury looks increasingly bright as we continue to develop and build on the excellent foundations laid and extended in the school’s early years.