Bloomsbury International School Hatyai has a reward system which is based on Houses. The school has a four house structure based on the colours Blue (Sapphire), Red (Ruby), Yellow (Diamond) and Green (Emerald). Every student is placed in a house when they enrol in the school and will remain in the same house throughout their time in school. Siblings are assigned to the same house.

Students collect house points which contribute to an overall score for their house within a house points system. At the end of each school year a trophy will be awarded for the house with the greatest number of points gained throughout the year.

House points are generally awarded for good behaviour, academic achievement, sporting achievement, supporting others, intervening to stop bad behavior, extra -curricular achievement, meeting personal targets or other special achievements noticed by the class teacher. Teachers will also plan smaller celebrations of achievement throughout the year.

All members of school teaching staff may award house points. Bloomsbury International School Hatyai utilises ClassDojo in order to award and record house points. Parents are encouraged to log into ClassDojo to see how well their child is doing.