Bloomsbury visited SOS Children's Village, Hatyai

In this season of giving, Bloomsbury visited SOS Children's Village Hatyai, Songkhla on 24th December to offer donations, led by its Director and School Manager, Mr. Khosak Srinoi.

The SOS Children's Foundation of Thailand under royal patronage is helping children, since 1971, who have lost their parents in the form of a long-term permanent replacement family.

Bloomsbury Christmas Show 2020

Bloomsbury held its annual Christmas show today, and what a show it was! All the children put so much work into their performance. Each class gave a performance as well as collaborating with other classes.

Mr. Noonan also presented performances from the music department, showcasing the talent we have across the classes at Bloomsbury. There were gifts for all students and food kindly prepared by the Parents Committee.

Special thanks to Mr. Sebastian for organising the Christmas show and all the Christmas activities. Yesterday’s Christmas market was a resounding success, raising over 26,000 baht for local charities.

Bloomsbury Christmas Market 2020

Monday 14th December 2020, was a super special day at Bloomsbury, full of fun and festivities. All the children from Nursery to Year 11 made and sold decorations, gifts, and sweet treats in order to raise money for local charities. Everyone had a fantastic day, buying and selling all for a good cause.

The children also took part in a parade to show off their best Christmas outfits, and in the afternoon enjoyed Christmas parties with their classes, sharing more sweet goodies and gifts. A fabulous day was had by all!

Congratulations Once Again Master Pipitchaya Sridam

Bloomsbury International School Hatyai would like to express its warm congratulations to Master Pipichaya Sridam (currently in Year 9), who won the 17th Thailand Mathematical Olympiad held on 5th December 2020.

Read the news article at Matichon Online

Bloomsbury International School Hatyai takes great pride in supporting all our students to enable them to realise their full potential to the maximum degree in all the subjects they follow.

Boarding's Field Trip to Phatthalung

On Saturday 12th December 2020, Bloomsbury boarding students and staff went to Phatthalung province for a day trip. While there, we visited a do-it-yourself Pizza establishment where we made a vegetarian homemade pizza, had an amazing time swimming and boating on bamboo rafts down a local river, and visited a traditional market full of delicious eats and souvenirs.

It was a memorable and exciting trip for all!

Bloomsbury visited Border Patrol Police Schools - Sadao, Songkhla

On 9th December 2020, our Bloomsbury students, staff, and family representatives visited Ban Thung Sabai Chai and Ban Ba Roi Border Patrol Police Schools - Sadao, Songkhla. They were exceptionally gracious, kind, and happy. We saw first hand their integrated ecological sound campus with hen houses, a large pond full of tilapia fishes, and a multitude of fruit and vegetable plants, which provided food for their canteen. We also played charades, sang Christmas songs, and had some classic Thai activities. We made fried banana chips, red curry paste, and ate ice cream today at their student-run store. All in all a fantastic day for all!

Launching of 'helpline' at bloomsbury

Today, we launched our new awareness campaign to let the students know that there is always help available. Even when they may feel they are alone in an impossible situation there is always someone there to help them through it. The Childline Thailand number 1387 and helpline at are now displayed in the front office, on the stairwells of the Secondary & Primary buildings, and outside the Tea Room.

Bloomsbury welcomed Sompongwittayajatingpra School

On 26 November Bloomsbury was pleased to welcome a number of teachers from Sompongwittayajatingpra School to observe the atmosphere and teaching & learning at Bloomsbury.