Welcome Back Old and New Secondary Students!

Today, we reopened our doors to welcome all Secondary students 'only' in order to keep social distancing. There were temperature and travel history checks near our school field followed by morning registrations. Social distancing was observed throughout the day - in the classrooms, in meals, and even during breaks. It's good to see everyone in Secondary once again after a long break.

First Two Weeks of Online Teaching in Secondary!

Similarly, our Secondary class teachers have been working hard for the past two weeks to deliver their lessons online. Here are a few photos of their online teaching.

Year 7 students visited our Boarding

On 29th January, the Year 7 students had a chance to spend the night in boarding. We had fun activities consisting of ball games, board games, and hide-and-seek in the afternoon.

Secondary Students Educational Trip to Bangkok

Secondary students recently came back from an educational trip to the capital of Thailand, Bangkok. The main purpose of the visit was for students to gain an insight into further education by attending the Study UK Educational Fair, where universities from the United Kingdom were offering lectures and advise to students about the variety of courses they had on offer.

Boarding and Secondary Trip to 'Roywan Farm Stay' in Phatthalung

On Wednesday 23rd October 2019, boarding and a number of secondary students went on a trip to Pa Phayom's Roywan Farm Stay in Phattalung. It was a great opportunity for the students to observe various scenes in nature - forest, mountains, river, water falls, farm and more.

Year 10s are learning IGCSE Sociology

Year 10s are learning IGCSE Sociology; making a notice board and studying the early theories of 19th century Sociologists.

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Year 7 Soil Drainage Experiment

By pouring a known volume of water over known masses of different soil samples, Year 7 investigated water drainage. Over 15 minutes, they recorded the volume of water that was able to pass through the soil, into the measuring cylinder below. Our next lesson will involve investigating the volume of air in the same soil samples.

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A presentation from the Young Entrepreneurs programme

Students from the Young Entrepreneurs programme presented their latest developments to the rest of secondary in this week’s assembly. The teams are ‘Eats and Treats’ and ‘Novagem’ in Year 9 followed by ‘Cook Cookie’ and ‘Bubble Blooms’ in Year 10. The teams have been developing their products since October with just one hour per week during ECA time. Eats and Treats have sourced a supplier, conducted market research and made sales whilst Novagem have spent considerable time developing an exciting new board game. Cook Cookie have focussed on their branding whilst Bubble Blooms have been developing their new drinks to get the flavours just right.