Secondary End of School Year Awards

Today marked another very important day in the Bloomsbury calendar as all of the secondary students and teachers gathered together for the end-of-school-year awards. We celebrated the hard-working and determined students at Bloomsbury by honouring them with the prestigious prize of winning the school cups. The winners for secondary are as follows:

Headteacher’s prize award – Top Student in all aspects of school life – D-nee.

Student of the year – Bam

Hardest working – Mono

Most improved – Chertam

Secondary Achievement – Highest achieving student – Bam

School Spirit – Who embodies the social and emotional values of the school – Jess

Leader – Who has demonstrated real leadership qualities – Jess

English – Overall creativity and use of English – Japan

English Speaking and listening – Someone whose diction and delivery of presentations is top-notch – Jess

Writing – Most improved writer – Mika

Maths – Top student who really enjoys it or most improved who has discovered a love of maths – Poy

Science – Top student who really enjoys it or most improved who has discovered a love of Science – Fiona

Thai – Top student – Bam

Humanities – Top student who has gone the extra mile to research or present – Iman

IT – Most competent and able to use programmes in a creative way – Namo

Art – The most wonderful and gifted artist who utilises their skills to greatest effect – Bam

Music – Who has made the most progress or most accomplished – D-nee

PE – Sports ability – Posh

Business – Secondary only Most likely to succeed in the real world of business – Poy



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