On 1st – 2nd September 2020 the Head of Primary, Mr. Ellis, was delighted to have the opportunity to share with the parents the exciting developments for the Primary School this year. The main area of development this term is our collaboration with Singapore International School of Bangkok (SISB) and the focus on the Singaporean Maths curriculum. This is an excellent means of developing our pupil's thinking skills. Parents were given an insight into how our brains learn and create pathways and the importance of regular daily short practice in strengthening and expanding these pathways. A website was demonstrated and shared with parents for the children to practice at home and record their daily scores in their homework diaries. The parents were then given the opportunity to see how happiness and Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) are crucial foundations that allow learning to flourish. This was followed by a presentation by Rajyindee Hospital’s staff over clinic provision at school, safety measures against COVID-19, and other matters of mutual interest.

With the teachers, pupils, and parents working closely together, taking individual and collective responsibility, then we will all be winners with a "can do" attitude opening up the world of opportunity, achievement, and happiness to our pupils.

We are still accepting admissions for Nursery to Year 6, and Years 7 – 11. Get in touch to arrange a consultation at 063-525-2981



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