Future Leaders

Look who runs our school when Mr Calvert is in a meeting! Our Nursery children went on a special tour of our school and tried out what it would be like to be Principal.

Welcome Back Primary!

On Wednesday 27th October 2021, Bloomsbury was proudly the only school to open its doors to its Primary students. Bloomsbury prides itself on being a safe school with strict COVID measures in place to ensure the safety of all staff and students when in school.

All primary children were required to take AKT test before their return to school. Also social distancing measures, hand and classroom sanitising and special packaged meals are just some of the steps in place to ensure a COVID free school and safe learning environment.

Welcome back to school Primary! We are so glad to have you back safe and well.

Primary End of School Year Awards

Today marked a very important day in the Bloomsbury calendar as all of the primary students and teachers gathered together for the end of school year awards. We celebrated the hard-working, determined students at Bloomsbury by honouring them with the prestigious prize of winning the school cups. The winners are as follows:

Mandarin award – Onna Y2

Art – The most wonderful and gifted artist who utilises their skills to the greatest effect – Ping Ping Y6

Music – Who has made the most progress or most accomplished – Olivia Y6

Art – The most wonderful and gifted artist who utilises their skills to greatest effect – Ping Ping Y6

IT – Most competent and able to use programmes in a creative way – Jay Jay Y6

Humanities – Top student who has gone the extra mile to research – Phum Y3

Thai – Top student – Xinzien Y5

Science – Top student who really enjoys it or most improved who has discovered a love of Science – Pun Pun Y1

Maths – Top student who really enjoys it or most improved who has discovered a love of maths – Dean Y1, honourable mention Théo and Xienxien

Writing – Most improved writer – Prem Y3

English Speaking and listening – Someone whose diction and delivery of presentations is top-notch – Jae Jae Y4; Honourable for Jern Jern Y1

English – Overall creativity and use of English – Puifai Y4

Nursery award- By Ms Duffy – Nani

Leader – Who has demonstrated real leadership qualities – EnEn Y5

School Spirit – Who embodies the social and emotional values of the school – AiAi Y3

House points – who has the most house points this year – Newton House

Primary Achievement – Highest achieving student – Pei-Eng Y2

Most improved – Can be in any subject, should be someone here more than one year – Angie Y3; honourable mention Tristan

Hardest working student of the year – Xinzien Y5

Student of the year – Onna Y2

Headteacher’s prize award – Top Student in all aspects of school life – Summer Y1

Primary House Challenge

On Wednesday 31st March at Bloomsbury, the children in Primary took part in a house spelling, grammar and maths competition. All the children worked hard to represent their house and took part in this event. Overall, Turner was in the first place, Newton was in 2nd place, and Nightingale and Einstein drew for 3rd place. Well done to all the children who took part! What a fun morning of learning and exercise!

Primary Assembly - 5th March 2021

Friday was celebration time for the Primary School. We celebrated all our Star Students from Nursery all the way up to Year 6. The students were recognised for all the super work they had done. Furthermore, students were also awarded certificates for some outstanding attitudes towards caring for others. As if that wasn't enough to celebrate, we also celebrated all the house points that the Primary students have achieved so far. Well done to all the House's and extra congratulations to Einstein for having the most points at the moment.

First Week of Learning in Primary

In Nursery, they had lots of fun with their lesson in Maths where this week, they learnt about shapes. Students completed a shape hunt around the playground before completing a cutting and sticking activity. In English, they looked at Phonics Phase 1 letter and sounds. The focus was on the sound and action of 's'. Students completed a number of activities to show that they recognised the letter and were able to make the sound and show the action.

In Reception, some amazing imagination skills were used to create small-worlds.

In Year 1 Core, they completed the ‘Knowledge Harvest’. The students had the opportunity to show everything they know about buildings. The students were given big sheets of paper with different buildings on them. They were then asked to answer the following questions: - what is it made of?
- is old or new?
- what is it for?
- do people live in it?
- how many rooms does it have?
- is it a strong or a weak building?

In Year 2 English, they have linked out the topic ‘Buildings’ to their writing and they are learning all about the three little pigs. They did their cold task and wrote the story with no help from the teacher - they just watched a short video to help remind them of the story at the start. In Core, the children did the challenge of building a structure with 12 pieces of card and looked at different ways they can build and then the teacher showed them the one she has and they quickly caught on.

In Year 3 Science, the children met Bob the skeleton from the secondary science lab. They have been learning the scientific names for bones and where they are located in the body.

First few days back and the students in Year 4 are working really hard! They are doing some really tricky sums in their math classes right now, long multiplication and division! They played a game using their devices with a random number generator and a spinner! Students need to multiply or divide! This is a very difficult concept for some students so practicing at home would be very beneficial!

This week Year 6 has begun their new topic The Great the Bold and the Brave. A few of the activities have involved: creating buildings from Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome eras, researching life in Ancient Greece using various sources, and comparing the lives of those that lived in Ancient Athens and Ancient Sparta!

inCAS Parents Presentation

The Primary students have recently done InCAS online assessments in Mathematics, English and Developed Ability, the potential to learn, as well as their attitude towards, Mathematics, English and School.

With the help of Miss Maprang’s translation, Mr. Ellis was able to explain to the parents what the collected data shows and how it will be used. By targeting teaching to the specific needs of the individual children and groups, we continue to improve the learning for the children along with the use of technology to support collaborative learning also.

Spelling, Phonics and Maths Primary House Challenge

On Wednesday 7th October, the Primary section took part in a Maths marathon and spelling sprint! The children represented their houses, and were quizzed on Maths equations and spelling of words that they have been studying this year! Everyone did a great job, and we all remembered that it was the taking part that counts, not winning! Well done everyone for studying so hard and joining in!