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Planning Higher Education & Careers Information Procurement For Upper Secondary Students

On 22nd August 2018 the Principal (ably assisted by various Secondary class tutors) conducted a meeting with students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12 to explain the importance of forward Higher Education (HE) and career goals (albeit general and subject to revision), to encourage them to think and plan ahead and to request details of their preferences in relation to university studying areas and locations and subsequent careers paths...

It was emphasised to students that they were being asked to indicate areas of general interest and that they were not expected at this stage to make specific commitments; the particulars students supplied will nonetheless assist the school’s Secondary management considerably in procuring suitable HE and career-oriented information and in arranging related guest speakers and site visits. The school aspires to provide comprehensive HE and career advice to students to enable them to relate their studies at Bloomsbury to future university degree applications and later job / occupation goals, thus offering as seamless a transition as possible from the arena of school studies to the worlds of HE studies and career-based work.


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