Steve Weller Although we don’t automatically expect members of Einstein house to become outstanding theoretical physicists or require all students across the school to have an in depth understanding of the theory of relativity (at least not in Pre-Primary); being a member of our house should instil a desire for scholarly achievement, a sense of academic pride and ambition that are inspired by the great Albert Einstein himself. None of Einstein’s many achievements could have been possible without the assistance of other scholars or his competition with other academics; two facts which we can learn from and apply to the house system at Bloomsbury. For members of Einstein house, teamwork, companionship and camaraderie are all keys to success in our competitions against our rival houses. As Head of Einstein House, I believe that all of our students are capable of discovering, progressing and achieving what they set out to do in their journey through school. If they can support fellow members of their house along the way, whilst taking the namesake of the house as inspiration that anything is possible, our students should be in for a very successful and enjoyable year!

Priya Patel
Head of Einstein