Students seeking admission to Bloomsbury International School Hatyai’s Sixth Form are obliged to meet various academic, linguistic and personal expectations. These are set by the school to ensure its Sixth Form operates at the highest standards conducive to examination success, the acquisition and refinement of essential study and individual skills (such as time management and task prioritisation) and the development of a mature and adult mentality in preparation for subsequent university and career progress. Sixth Form managers and teachers regard this combination of study-related and personal aptitudes as interrelated and complementary: AS and A Level studies place a major onus of responsibility on Sixth Formers, who accordingly need to evince a corresponding ability to arrange their own study and life routines, to organise their work prudently and to demonstrate the capacity for self-management. Help, support, advice and counselling are available, but Sixth Form students are expected to make informed decisions and choices as young adults rather than following instructions in the way conventionally associated with younger school pupils.

Bloomsbury Sixth Formers are also expected to explore intercultural experiences and relationships, to act as exemplary role models for younger students, to participate in community and charitable projects, to contribute beneficially to the life of the school and its environe and to pursue, broaden and develop their intellectual and social interests. These opportunities are invaluable as a means for them to become well-rounded global citizens as well as being academically successful. The Sixth Form experience at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai is thus exciting, challenging, rewarding and fulfilling.

Expectations are in a sense reciprocal. The school offers Sixth Formers teaching and pastoral support and advisory services of the highest quality, a congenial and stimulating academic environment and a significant degree of respect as individual learners. In return, it requires Sixth Form students to demonstrate an unqualified commitment to their AS and A Level studies, full attendance, attention and observation of rules, the willingness to use its guidance and counselling services in a constructive and sensible way and the setting and achieving of targets based on personal excellence in all facets.

Sixth Formers are normally only admitted if they have secured at least 5 (I)GCSE qualifications or equivalent at C grade (minimum) and (unless they are native English speakers) IELTS 5.5 or equivalent.

The aims and objectives of Bloomsbury International School Hatyai’s Sixth Form are set out below.


Bloomsbury International School Hatyai’s Sixth Form has the following aims & objectives:

  • To provide an ethos characterised by academic excellence, personal growth, the inculcation of essential life skills and opportunities to assume leadership and responsibility;
  • To deliver an inspiring, structured and balanced curriculum through which all Sixth Form students can develop their knowledge, skills and intellectual curiosity and excel in examination and general performance;
  • To provide a supportive learning and pastoral environment that facilitates the graduation of students with the best possible qualifications for entrance to higher education worldwide;
  • To offer opportunities for service, community work and charitable activities;
  • To provide the highest standard of advice, care, guidance and support through an effective Tutor Group system and Sixth Form teaching team;
  • To enhance opportunities for the acquisition of organisational, self-discipline, analytical, advocacy and life skills;
  • To support the personal development of students as members of and role models within the school and as citizens of the local, regional, national and global communities outside.”