Bloomsbury International School Hatyai (BISH) is a day and boarding school that embraces those intangibles that transform a place of residence into all the best qualities of home. The boarding houses provide academic support giving residential students a real advantage as well as an active and rich social and recreational life.

Boarding life at BISH is based on the understanding that a boarding house is a home rather than just a residence, and the presence of ‘motherly’ and ‘fatherly’ care and more senior adult presence provides greater consistency of supervision.

From rising time until lights out, the life of a boarder is an active and fulling one, with age-appropriate routines designed to help them flourish academically, physically, socially and spiritually. On weekends, activities are driven by the interests and initiatives of students with the support of the Boarding staff.

Boarding is based on the following principles and values:

  • The development of the whole person spiritually, emotionally, physically, culturally, morally and socially during their time as boarders in a warm, supportive, intercultural environment.
  • Being an open and trusting School, boarding is based upon mutual respect and communication of values. Boarders have the right to be able to work, play and relax free from abuse, intimidation, harassment, teasing and bullying. Staff and boarders acknowledge the right of each other to privacy. The Boarding House community aims to create an atmosphere of acceptance, openness, and trust in which teasing, harassment and bullying would find great difficulty in developing.
  • There is an equality of opportunity for the individual and respect for all boarders, regardless of ethnicity, culture, gender or disability.
  • Communication with parents, despite sometimes there being great distances separating the boarder from their parents, is an indispensable part of the support and development of boarders in this School.
  • In boarding, we aim to develop Global Citizenship, a desire for truth and a respect for others, qualities of leadership and the ability to work as part of a team. We encourage the development of co-operation, compromise, self- discipline, responsibility.
  • We aim to produce an open and trusting ethos in which each boarder feels able to approach any other member of the community (staff or student) confident in the knowledge that they will be treated and respected as an individual.
  • Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of each boarder by providing an environment that is, as far as possible, free from physical hazards and dangers; that is comfortable and suited to the needs of boarders, and which provides adequate levels of privacy.