Homework is an integral part of the partnership between the school and parents. It develops the student’s independent learning in a non-school environment. The homework policy encourages students to plan and prioritise so that they are able to achieve their best.

Homework has several purposes:

  • to promote self discipline, responsibility and organisational skills,
  • to provide opportunities for review and practice,
  • to prepare for the next lesson through obtaining background material,
  • to expand the curriculum to allow students to learn in "real life" situations i.e., outside of school,
  • to provide extension opportunities for students to pursue individual projects,
  • to provide opportunities for parents to be involved with their child’s learning and
  • to provide an opportunity for reflection.

Parents can positively influence their children’s attitudes to learning. They can actively support their child in many ways by:

  • giving advice and encouragement,
  • jointly planning to develop a workable home schedule which accommodates family activities,
  • providing a suitable place for homework to be done,
  • regularly consulting the homework diary where their child notes down their homework,
  • checking that homework is done.


Primary School

Year 1 30 minutes
Year 2 45 minutes
Year 3 45 minutes
Year 4 60 minutes
Year 5 60 minutes
Year 6 60 minutes
* Times stated are per day

All students are encouraged to spend time reading every day. Reading time is included in the recommended homework times. In addition to their regular homework, primary students may be required to undertake a research project each term. Class teachers will decide on the topic for the project and inform students in advance.

Secondary School

Year 7 60 minutes
Year 8 60 minutes
Year 9 60 minutes
Year 10 90 minutes
Year 11 90 minutes
* Times stated are per day