• ANDREW ELLIOTT BA (Oxon); M Phil (Cantab) - Principal

    Andrew Elliott

    Mr Andrew Elliott holds a BA (Hons) degree in Modern History from the University of Oxford, UK, and an M Phil degree in Linguistics / Education from the University of Cambridge, UK. He has held various posts in teaching and educational management. In the UK, he worked as a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge, as Examinations Officer at Wolsey Hall, Oxford, as Course Director at Concorde International in Chichester College of Technology and as Principal and Director of Irwin College, Leicester. In Thailand he has held the positions of Director of IES Co Ltd, of Headmaster and Director of Nantawan International School, Bangphli, of Head of International Development at the Regent’s Schools, Bangkok and Pattaya, of Principal International Consultant at Varee Chiang Mai School and of Director of the Centre for International Studies and Continuing Education at Shinawatra University.

    Since moving to Thailand in 1999, he has co-ordinated various international educational projects with a range of parties which include over 40 universities, 25 schools, the Delegation of the European Union to Thailand, the British Council, the British Embassy in Thailand, the Ministry of Education, the Office of the Higher Education Commission, the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment, the Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare, the International Schools’ Association of Thailand and the Royal Thai Police. In February 2017 he assumed the headship of the Sixth Form at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai.

    His interests include local history, comparative religion, anthropology, classical music, international educational accreditation and pathway development and ethnographic research into cross-cultural behaviour.

  • JAMES MULLIN (BA(hons) PA, AO, QTS) - Primary Co-ordinator / Year 6

    JAMES MULLIN (BA(hons) PA, AO, QTS) - Primary Co-ordinator / Year 6

    Hello Hatyai, Bonjour Bloomsbury! My name is James Mullin and I am very excited to be joining the teaching staff here at Bloomsbury International School HatYai. Although this is my first international teaching placement, I have also lived and worked in; Paris, France and Sydney, Australia. Having lived in London for the rest of my life, I graduated from Middlesex University in 2003 with a BA in Performing Arts, majoring in Drama and have taught in a range of primary and secondary schools, all over London, ever since. However, I am looking forward to working in a school where I get to teach both age ranges at once. My teaching ethos can be best summarised by a quote from Albert Einstein: "It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge".

  • RYAN WINDSOR (BSc, PGCEi) - Secondary Co-ordinator

    RYAN WINDSOR (BSc, PGCEi) - Secondary Co-ordinator

    My name is Ryan and I was born and raised in Saskatchewan Canada. After completing my Bachelor of Science in Geography I was eager to get out and explore the world. I came to Hatyai in 2007 and fell in love with the weather, the culture and the lovely people. I have been happily teaching here ever since. I find the world to be a fascinating place filled with interesting people, wonderful stories and breathtaking experiences. My goal in teaching is to encourage my students to be just as inspired by our shared human experience as I am. Together we can better understand our past and look brightly towards our future. I feel both excited and fortunate to begin my sixth year at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai and I am eager to start my new role as Secondary Coordinator. In closing, I would like to ask everyone to always remember these two things: 1) Our world is amazing and 2) Never stop exploring!

  • ANDREW STRUBELT (BSc, PGCEi) - Admissions Manager and Head of EAL

    ANDREW STRUBELT (BSc, PGCEi) - Admissions Manager and Head of EAL

    My name is Andrew Strubelt and I am from Los Angeles, California. I have a Bachelor of Science from California State University, Long Beach and a PGCEi from the University of Nottingham, UK. My passion for teaching can be observed by the tremendous amount of energy and enthusiasm in every class. Even though I have taught English as an Additional Language or EAL for over fifteen years in Thailand and China, I can still say that I truly enjoy my job. Everybody can learn English, it takes time and motivation but it can be done. During my free time, I enjoy spending time with my family. My proudest moments in 2019 include my son finishing Y12 at Bloomsbury International School and being accepted into university and my wife getting her MBA. Education really is the key to a successful life!

  • ROBERT GOLDTHORPE (B.Ed., M.Ed.) - Learning Support Officer

    ROBERT GOLDTHORPE (B.Ed., M.Ed.) - Learning Support Officer

    My name is Robert Goldthorpe, I am originally from South Yorkshire in the UK, although Birmingham is now my home town. I graduated from Sheffield City Polytechnic with a B.Ed in Physics in 1990 and became a secondary school science teacher. I made the move into Special Educational Needs in 1999 and completed an M.Ed in 2004 at the University of Sheffield. I now have 28 years teaching experience, 19 of which have been in the field of Special Educational Needs. I have held the position of SENCO in 6 schools, 4 of which are in the UK and 2 of which are international schools. I am a qualified & recognised Dyslexia specialist teacher. I am passionate about the education of students with learning difficulties and about making a difference to their lives. By providing students with appropriate support they are more able to access the curriculum, consequently making progress at a comparable rate to their peers and enhancing their chances of succeeding in the wider world beyond school.

  • CORRINA GRACO (B.Ed.) - Nursery

    CORRINA GRACO (B.Ed.) - Nursery

    My name is Corrina Graco, and I’m originally from a small town just outside the city of London, however, for the past 4 years I have been living in Thailand with my husband and 3 cats.

    We spent 6 amazing years from 2001 travelling to many beautiful countries around South East Asia, and then onto Australia. In 2006 I decided to move back to the UK where I completed my degree in Early Childhood and Youth Studies. I have a passion for working with young learners and have in my experience, have had the opportunity to work with children aged 2-6 years. I have also completed my TEFL which gave me great knowledge and an understanding about Thailand, culture and people.

    In my spare time, we enjoy visiting many places in and around Asia. I love going to the beach, fishing and kayaking, as well as, having a passion for cooking. I really enjoy teaching in an international environment due to the diversity it brings to the school. My aim as a Pre-Primary teacher is to deliver education in a fun environment through spontaneous and structured activities gained through play and the classroom being a stimulating place where children can flourish in all areas of development.



  • EMMA KIRK (BA, PGDE) - Year 1

    EMMA KIRK (BA, PGDE) - Year 1

    Hello, my name is Emma Kirk and I come from Dublin, Ireland. When I finished school I pursued a two year, full time dance and drama course. During this time I worked in numerous dance classes assisting those with additional needs. In my spare time I also took part in many television and theatre shows. After graduating with a FETAC certificate I moved to Glasgow, Scotland and enjoyed completing a degree in Psychology and Sociology. I then went on to study my PGDE in Primary Education from The University of Glasgow. I adore children and am so excited to work with Year One. I am passionate about creating engaging active learning environments and work to cater for all my learner’s needs. In my spare time I like to be outdoors with my family, travel, learn about new cultures, try my hand at different crafts and read. I have always wanted to learn more about Thailand so I am thrilled to have such a wonderful opportunity to relocate here with my family and work at Bloomsbury. I look forward to getting to know all the staff, children and parents better. Thank you.

  • DONNA COWAN (BA, PGCE) - Year 2

    DONNA COWAN (BA, PGCE) - Year 2

  • KATE ADAMS (BA (hons), PGCE) -  Year 3

    KATE ADAMS (BA (hons), PGCE) - Year 3

    My name is Kate Adams and I am from Scarborough, England. I graduated from Leeds Trinity University with a BA Honours in Sport Development and Primary PE. My passion for education blossomed during my undergraduate degree, thus inspiring me to complete a successful PGCE in Primary Education at the University of Leeds. Having spent time teaching English in Thailand, and quenching my wanderlust thirst in Southeast Asia, I became inspired by the culture and I am now extremely excited to begin a new life in HatYai. I believe wholly that education should be stimulating, and I maintain an adoration for the power of creativity. I have always been a keen sports person and I enjoy competing in a local netball league. I am eager to begin the next chapter of my career, and I am excited to meet the Bloomsbury community.

  • JESSICA SHANDLEY (BA (hons), PGCE) - Year 5

    JESSICA SHANDLEY (BA (hons), PGCE) - Year 5

    Hello! My name is Jessica Shandley and I am thrilled to be joining Bloomsbury International School Hatyai. I am from Manchester in the UK, from a small countryside town called New Mills. I have a passion for creative arts and graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013 with a BA Hons Fine Art degree; since graduating I have had many art exhibitions within London and around the UK. I went to complete my Primary PGCE with a specialism in creative arts at Edge Hill University in 2017. I am just about to complete my first year teaching and have absolutely loved every minute. I believe that my most significant role as a teacher is to encourage the curiosity and creativity of children, allowing them to appreciate learning for learning’s sake and helping them to become lifelong learners. Children are naturally curious and self-motivated learners; therefore, I desire through my teaching to uphold these innate dispositions for learning. I am extremely excited to start teaching at Bloomsbury International School and can’t wait to explore Thailand and what it has to offer.



  • NUTTANANUN NONTHISIT (B.Ed.) - Primary Teacher of Thai

    NUTTANANUN NONTHISIT (B.Ed.) - Primary Teacher of Thai

    My name is Nuttananun Nonthisit and my nickname is Nid. I graduated from the Faculty of Humanities at Srinakarindwirot University, Songkhla in 1995. My major is Thai studies and I have been teaching Thai for almost 20 years. I am very happy to work here at Bloomsbury. Thank you for trusting us to teach your children.

  • KANTAMANEE KAEWLAM (B.Ed.) - Primary Teacher of Thai

    KANTAMANEE KAEWLAM (B.Ed.) - Primary Teacher of Thai

    My name is Kantamanee Kaewlam (Kru Prae), Primary Teacher of Thai. I graduated with a Bachelor of Education at Thaksin University. I have 4 years experience teaching Thai. I have a passion for teaching Thai to preserve the language and raise awareness of the value of the Thai language. Thai language is part of a beautiful cultural identity in terms of its unique characteristics, values, attitudes. I believe that through language we can gain a sense of cultural identity and self-respect, which is essential in all children's development.

  • CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT (BSc, PGCE) - Year 7 / Maths

    CHRISTOPHER WRIGHT (BSc, PGCE) - Year 7 / Maths

    My name is Chris, originally from a small town on the outskirts of Manchester, England. Having completed my undergraduate degree at Leeds Trinity University, I subsequently fulfilled my desire to teach through completion of a PGCE in Secondary Mathematics. I believe completely, that Mathematics is a fundamental tool for understanding the world around us and I can recognise the importance of linking education to the physical world. My teaching experiences have varied considerably, from teaching in a challenging secondary school in Hull, to teaching in bilingual secondary school in Amersfoort, Netherlands. I have always been interested in sport, with a passion for football and golf. I have a fondness for travel and enjoy immersing myself in different cultures, thus cementing my excitement to become a part of the Bloomsbury school community.

  • JESSICA EVANS (BSc) - Year 8 / Science

    JESSICA EVANS (BSc) - Year 8 / Science

    My name is Jessica Evans, I am originally from a small town in Essex called Canvey Island. I graduated from the University of Plymouth with a BSC in Biomedical sciences. After graduating I started to work at The King John school in Essex, where I specialised in exam technique for A level Biology and Chemistry as well as GCSE science. During the summer holidays I carried out volunteer work at a local medical centre in Maetaman, Chiang Mai. This experience gave me a great insight to Thai culture and spurred me to make the move to Thailand. In 2016 I completed my TEFL course in Thailand and began working at a school in Nakhon Pathom before moving to Hatyai. I believe the key to students success in education is developing their passions and developing essential thinking skills which they can apply to every subject they learn. As well as teaching my subject I love to share my passion for dance and gymnastics.

  • DANIEL FLAVEL (BA (hons), PGCE) -  Year 9 / English

    DANIEL FLAVEL (BA (hons), PGCE) - Year 9 / English

  • DR BARRY WILLIAMS (BA, MA, PhD) -  Year 10 / Sociology

    DR BARRY WILLIAMS (BA, MA, PhD) - Year 10 / Sociology

  • SANDRA DUNCAN (BA, PGCE) - Year 11 / Art and Design

    SANDRA DUNCAN (BA, PGCE) - Year 11 / Art and Design

    Hello, my name is Sandra Duncan. I come from a small coastal town in Ireland called Donegal. I have always had a passion for the arts so after my gap year travelling around Europe, I moved to Sheffield, England where I completed a BA Hons in Creative Art Practice. This course allowed me to explore many aspects of the visual arts in both the fine art and craft based disciplines. During my degree I worked in a local school delivering art workshops. It is thanks to this that I decided to pursue a career in teaching and completed my PGCE in Secondary Art in Bangor University in Wales. Since then I have worked in schools across the UK delivering exciting and engaging art lessons in many specialisms, including photography, textiles, graphic design and fine art. In addition to my love of art and travel, I enjoy spending as much of my free time as possible in the water, whether it be swimming, surfing or paddle boarding. I look forward to joining the Bloomsbury team where I hope to provide lessons that will inspire a love and appreciation of art in my pupils.

  • PAVENDEEP DHAMRAIT (BA, PGCE) - Year 12 / Business/Travel and Tourism

    PAVENDEEP DHAMRAIT (BA, PGCE) - Year 12 / Business/Travel and Tourism

  • CHASE NOONAN (BA, M.Ed.) -  Music

    CHASE NOONAN (BA, M.Ed.) - Music

    Hi all! My name is Chase Noonan. I am from Australia. I grew up in the southwest area of Sydney and have spent most of my life living and working in Australia. In 2013, I completed a Bachelor of Music at Western Sydney University and then went on to complete a Master of Teaching as well as a Post Graduate Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other languages. Upon completing my Master of Teaching degree, I began teaching in Australian schools and other educational institutes. I also have experience teaching in Thai schools, and for the past year I have been working as a lecturer at Walailak University. I have a real passion for music and enjoy sharing that passion with my students while helping them to reach their full potential. I am excited to begin the next chapter of my career at Bloomsbury and share all my knowledge and experience with the students and community.

  • JOSEPH CHANG (BA) - EAL teacher

    JOSEPH CHANG (BA) - EAL teacher

    My name is Joseph Chang. I am from Los Angeles, California. I went to Calpoly San Luis Obispo and got a BS in Graphic Communication. I worked in San Luis Obispo, Irvine, and Los Angeles doing design and print work. Eventually I found my calling for teaching because I love interacting with children to young adults because of their energy and vitality. The last school I worked for was a bilingual school in Taipei, Taiwan called Yuteh as a science teacher. I also doubled as a college advisor and was the SAT testing supervisor. Before that, I was the KS4 EAL instructor at Bromsgrove International School in Bangkok. I've also taught in Erbil, Phnom Penh, and Mandalay. In my free time I love to travel and dabble in the stock market. I am also an avid NBA fan, especially the LA Lakers. I hope I can make solid contributions here at Bloomsbury and help our pupils get into tertiary schools in UK, Australia or USA.

  • CHEERARAT BUASAI (B.Ed.) - Secondary Teacher of Thai

    CHEERARAT BUASAI (B.Ed.) - Secondary Teacher of Thai

    My name is Cheerarat Buasai. I am the Secondary Teacher of Thai. I finished my studies at Ramkamhaeng University. My major is in Thai language and my minor is in teaching Thai language.  I have been teaching for 17 years. In my freetime I am a part time DJ at 105.5 Sabaii Radio in Hatyai.

  • KRISTINA ANNE KING (BA) - Accreditation Officer

    KRISTINA ANNE KING (BA) - Accreditation Officer

    My name is Kristina Anne King and I am originally from the UK from a town called Nottingham – famous for the legend of Robin Hood. After graduating from the University of Leister with a BA Degree in Ancient History and Archaeology, I spent the next decade studying and working around the world – calling cities such as Athens in Greece; Istanbul in Turkey and Muscat in Oman my home! I have collected languages from all of my travels and I look forward to learning Thai during my next journey. In addition to learning languages, in my spare time I enjoy reading, painting, travelling and watching documentaries. I also enjoy studying and have qualifications including an EYFS Teaching Diploma, an NVQ Cache level 3 in Early childcare, TEFL and HR and Management training. I am very excited to be joining the Bloomsbury School family and spearheading the accreditation process.

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