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International Day 2018 @Bloomsbury

Today we threw open our doors and welcomed everyone in our celebration of International Day 2018 at Bloomsbury International School Hatyai. A rainy start to the day was made much more cheerful as students and staff alike arrived in colourful costumes representing cultures and countries from all over the world.

International Day for us celebrates the magic of human diversity and showcases our unique and shared heritages. After lunch, we paraded up into the convention hall where we were treated to student made presentations, a Roman battle and a Gambian dance. Parents and friends spent time sharing in the wonderful displays created by students, their artwork, creations and information displayed was fantastic to see. I really enjoyed reading the stories and poems inspired by their chosen countries. At the same time, the dedicated student council gathered at the front of the hall raising donations to help Hatyai dogs by selling scrumptious cakes, kindly donated by parents. We hope you all left the event knowing a little bit more than when you entered. Happy Holidays everyone!


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