Ms. Rita Peverall
"Light is therefore colour" - William Turner

William Turner was an English artist who demonstrated expression, imagination and modesty through his pieces of artwork. He shows us how individuals can push the boundaries of our own expectations to produce an outcome that can be admired by others and the individual can be proud of. Turner created original depictions of British life with vivid colours and contrast. He tells us that despite humble beginnings that everyone is able to achieve regardless of their background.

As Head of Turner House, I believe that our body of students should use Turner as an inspiration to surpass expectations, and excel in all areas of education, from academics to sport to music. Bloomsbury International School will host multiple opportunities throughout the year for students to participate in individual and team competitions. I encourage students to participate in as many of these competitions as possible, challenging themselves to perhaps try a sport or activity in which they have never tried before. This will help Turner students become well-rounded, conscientious and positive individuals, as well as widening their enjoyment of school life. I understand all students have strengths and weaknesses and together as a team, the students of Turner can support and learn from each other to ensure everyone has the best chance at success!

Rita Peverall
Head of Turner