“Life is a splendid gift.
There is nothing small about it”

Ryan-Windsor Powerful words to live by from our house’s namesake Florence Nightingale. A nurse who broke through traditional stereotypes to prove that she was just as capable as anyone. With her legacy in mind, Nightingale house strives towards compassion, dedication and resilience. We understand that greatness comes in many forms and that as a team we can overcome any obstacle. Nightingale students take the splendid gift of life and let their true colours shine through by excelling in both academia and in extra-curricular activities. We strive to show that our resilience and solidarity knows no limits. As the head of Nightingale, I feel privileged to share in both our house’s glorious successes and in the lessons learnt by defeat. I know that at the end of the day we can always proudly state that: we are house Nightingale, we will do our very best and we will rise victorious. I look forward to a truly spectacular year.

Ryan Windsor
Head of Nightingale