The ethos of Bloomsbury’s Sixth Form is best defined as an experience characterised by:

  • An emphasis on academic excellence, intellectual curiosity and growth, balancing autonomy with responsibility and the opportunity to pursue and develop interests;
  • An acknowledgment that the Sixth Form workload is demanding and requires sustained commitment, motivation and excellent organisational skills;
  • The encouragement of critical assessment and self-evaluation e.g. over future higher education- and career- related research and choices;
  • The allotment of various privileges;
  • Increased exposure to the world beyond the school e.g. via leadership and community service / charity activities and through introduction to outside speakers and events (such as higher education fairs held in Bangkok);
  • The provision of opportunities to assume responsibility and leadership roles within the school (e.g. as prefects);
  • A Personal Tutor Group system that focuses on small group and one-to-one contact and provides effective academic and pastoral counselling and support, parental liaison, preparation for applications to university and opportunities for individual attention and growth;
  • The development and maintenance of a dynamic, positive and happy Sixth Form culture among students who earn and enjoy the respect of their peers, teachers and all school members and who feel proud and honoured to be Sixth Form members at Bloomsbury.