Bloomsbury Sixth Form teachers understand the specific challenges students face and are experienced in dealing with and offering advice over situations such as those indicated in the questions below:

“What do I do if I miss a lesson in Year 12 or 13?”

“I am finding the jump from IGCSE to AS Level harder to deal with than I imagined. What can I do?”

“The workload entailed by AS Level study is much greater than I envisaged. Can I drop one AS Level course?”

“I am falling behind with my work. What can I do?”

“I’m having real problems with an essay. How can I solve these?”

“I can’t find the notes I took in one of my classes last week. What should I do?”

“One of my chosen AS / A Level subjects is proving much harder than the others. Is there a solution to this?”

“I don’t feel well. What do I do?”

“I feel I am being bullied / I know someone who’s being bullied. What should I do?”

“I’ve done all my homework and set work and I have a Private Study Period. How should I occupy this time?”

“What’s the best form of equipment for me to use to organise my academic work effectively – should I opt for ring binders / lever arch folders with dividers (for storing and separating notes, subject information synopses, class handouts and computer printouts), diaries / personal organisers, stationery (including highlighting pens), calculators, dictionaries, labelled USB memory sticks and textbooks etc?”

All Bloomsbury Sixth Formers may rest assured that no question or concern they have is too large or too small for them to raise with teachers: the latter’s wealth of professional experience enables them to provide advice and guidance over the foregoing matters and any others students wish to seek counsel about.