Bloomsbury Sixth Formers are accorded a significant degree of pastoral support via the school’s Tutor Group system. A Tutor Group consists of a number of students (which is determined on the basis of the total number of Sixth Form enrolees in any particular academic year) and is presided over by a Personal Tutor. The Personal Tutor meets his or her Sixth Form Tutor Group together regularly; one-to-one meetings between the Personal Tutor and the Tutor Group members are also scheduled from time to time (and are made available ad hoc whenever a student reasonably requests one outside the normal routine).

The Personal Tutor acts as the school’s everyday representative to Sixth Form students and also as the latter’s representative to the school. He/she conveys school messages and announcements to students, raises issues of current concern with relevant school authorities and keeps subject teachers fully and discreetly informed about any pastoral problems or issues that may be experienced from time to time by individual students. The Personal Tutor is also the first point of contact with parents/guardians, sends reports to the latter and meets formally with them at designated times to discuss students' progress (and ad hoc whenever the need arises).

The Personal Tutor also takes an interest in addressing issues specific to Sixth Formers, such as sourcing, accessing and sharing university and career information and related event opportunities, self-management and self-evaluation skills, dealing with pressure, balancing personal, social and academic commitments, time management, relating studies to the wider world and practising presentation and advocacy skills. All these aptitudes are important for success both with Sixth Form learning and in general.