A central element in the ethos of Bloomsbury’s Sixth Form revolves around the importance of striking balances. The school seeks to weigh respect for the rights of young adults in a fair, reasonable and effective manner against the requirements of academic and personal discipline all students need. It also aims to balance the inculcation of subject specific AS/A Level knowledge against the broader skills and experience needed for students to become well-rounded individuals and mature citizens (with the challenges, opportunities and benefits this entails).

The fruits of this approach are seen in the way Sixth Formers demonstrate an enhanced confidence and sense of responsibility and a growing awareness of the wider world and of issues that transcend the narrow experience of younger students. These skills are generally accompanied by the development of sufficient intellectual confidence and curiosity to ask ‘Why?’: a penchant for doing this is sometimes depicted as lying at the root of international education. The inclination to question assumptions, sources and authorities reflects how an authentic international school Sixth Form experience encourages in students a growth toward autonomy through an independent, critical, original and creative attitude towards topics of study in ways that enable personal views to be formed, supported and defended. On the other hand, Sixth Form students need a supportive and structured learning environment and a strong element of self-organisation to succeed. These factors represent an important counterpart to the freedom associated with the Sixth Form and reflect how freedom has to be balanced against responsibility.

The ability to reconcile the allocation of time to academic studies with participation in broader intellectual, social, cultural and community activities is one of the most important aptitudes Bloomsbury seeks to develop in its Sixth Formers. Bloomsbury regards the provision of an environment conducive to nurturing and positively orienting the changes that accompany maturation in which the relevant balances are sustained as a fundamental aspect of operating a successful international school (and one which complements outstanding academic performance in AS/A Level examinations).