Advice provided to Bloomsbury Sixth Formers over their university studies and applications is linked to information about future careers – the school sees the path from AS/A Level studies to degree studies to career entry as a continuous one which is eased through proper guidance, consideration and discussion at all stages. Consequently the Bloomsbury Sixth Form library includes books, periodicals and other materials relating to particular careers (such as law, accountancy, business, public administration, healthcare, education, engineering, hospitality etc).

An associated Careers Advisory Service operated by the school via information literature, bulletins, Tutor Group presentations and talks helps to prepare Sixth Form students for the challenges, opportunities and benefits of career option consideration and choices, advises them about relevant financials, offer careers planning and counselling services and organises individual career mock interviews on request.


Becoming a member of Bloomsbury’s Sixth Form is an honour that carries both special duties and special concessions. Sixth Formers are given the opportunity to cultivate and demonstrate leadership and responsibility by becoming prefects, a role which entails:

  • Helping to supervise the conduct of younger students;
  • Assisting teachers with lunchtime supervision, break-time duties and before school;
  • Setting a good example and being a good role model in mature conduct, bearing, dress and courtesy and specific skills and areas such as personal appearance, punctuality, attendance, speaking English at a high standard at all times, teamwork, trustworthiness and service to others;
  • Playing a leading role at special school events, such as sporting competitions, awards, assemblies and intercultural celebrations, Open House days, parents’ evenings and similar occasions;
  • Assisting with guiding prospective new students, parents and other visitors around the school;
  • Assisting with extra-curricular activities.


Bloomsbury Sixth Formers are encouraged to develop not just academically and intellectually (important though these facets are) but also socially and holistically. Opportunities for personal growth, character enrichment and social service include:

  • Assisting the underprivileged;
  • Volunteering at local environmental, charitable and self-sufficiency projects;
  • Contributing to the work of animal welfare organisations.

These opportunities are provided by the school in the interests of enabling Sixth Formers to appreciate connections between their studies and the wider world and to cultivate maturity and responsibility.