Among the facilities Bloomsbury offers Sixth Formers is a University Guidance Service to help them make informed and considered decisions about the most suitable institutions and degree courses to apply for and to understand application procedures and related practicalities. This service includes the following types of provision:

  • General advice about the merits, practicalities and procedures associated with applying for and gaining a university degree and how A Level studies prepare students for the latter;
  • Advice over considering / choosing a suitable country, university and degree programme; sourcing, accessing and analysing relevant data;
  • Help and guidance with university application procedures, drafting, compiling & improving personal statements, conducting mock interviews etc;
  • Guidance over attending university information events (international education exhibitions, fairs, seminars, road-shows, lectures, open days etc) and how to elicit, interpret and use the required information;
  • Guidance over how to use, interpret and apply data from international university ranking systems.

Bloomsbury encourages universities to deliver presentations about their institutions and their courses to its Sixth Formers; guest speakers are often able to answer questions in person in a way that Sixth Formers find particularly helpful. The school also organises trips for its Sixth Form students to international higher education exhibitions and trade fairs held regularly in other parts of Thailand (such as Bangkok) for universities from the UK, the US, Australia etc; these occasions are especially beneficial in enabling Sixth Form students to explore international university options and to collect information about a wide range of institutions and courses. Bloomsbury students who attend such events receive guidance in advance about how to seek and request information relevant to their future university applications from visiting exhibitors and how to make effective practical use of this later.

The school also publicises information (e.g. by means of posters displayed on notice boards, announcements made on its website etc) about other similar events in case students and parents wish to visit these privately).

Students interested in applying to UK universities

Bloomsbury Sixth Formers interested in applying to study at universities in the UK receive advice and guidance in relation to the procedures of UCAS (the University and Colleges Admissions Services: the UK’s undergraduate degree application system). Generally speaking, this service is introduced to Sixth Formers in the second term of their Year 12 studies. Students are at this time initiated into the procedures and protocols of the UCAS system and provided with a significant amount of information to help them (in conjunction with their families and other advisers) make informed university and course choices and to complete their UCAS application (a process that generally goes through numerous drafts before finalisation).

These choices are so important that students are generally given two terms in Year 12 and the summer between Years 12 and 13 to continue researching, considering and discussing them before making decisions. They also work at these times on drafting and finalising their personal statements – again, with suitable help and guidance. Once Sixth Formers commence Year 13, they are encouraged to complete their UCAS procedures at the earliest opportunity: a timescale that has merit in helping them to focus on their examinations for the remainder of the year.

Students interested in applying to US universities

BISH Sixth Formers interested in applying to study at universities in the US are provided with advice and guidance in relation to the Common Application System (which is also used by various higher education institutions in Canada, PR China and some European countries). Such students also receive guidance with and preparation for the SAT or ACT papers they generally sit in Year 12).

Students interested in applying to universities in other countries

Bloomsbury maintains a stock of information materials, online resources and other data about university studying opportunities and application procedures in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, PR China, India and other countries so that students interested in pursuing undergraduate studies outside the UK and the US are properly counselled and supported.